Partnering with adolescents and adults to feel more peaceful and present in their lives and relationships. Listening mindfully to your needs will be the first step to building a trusting therapeutic relationship.

Together we will discover ways unique to you, to help cope with the struggles
you are facing, then set goals to move toward and grab hold of the positive change you seek.


  • self-esteem & self-empowerment
  • depression & anxiety
  • relationship and marital issues
  • life transitions (such as career changes, marriage, empty nest, new baby)
  • separation, divorce, remarriage & blended families
  • parenting concerns, parent coaching & support
  • post-partum support & traumatic birth
  • chronic pain or illness
  • grief & loss
  • stress management
  • post-traumatic stress
  • improving body image & self-acceptance
"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love & affection." - Buddha


  • solution-focused, narrative, relational & experiential 
  • exploration of past & present experiences
    If interested in including in therapy:
  • mindfulness, relaxation & stress reduction techniques
  • self-care plans
  • art therapy techniques

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